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The Internet of Value

Art Gallery is an online platform for the cryptocurrency buying and selling of NFTs linked to works of art and physical collectibles, guaranteed by blockchain technology that allows free, decentralized, transparent, traceable, verifiable and programmable disintermediation. A highly innovative tool that brings the art gallery into the future and creates the first Internet of Value Art Gallery, contributing to make the art market transparent.

Although NFTs have already been used in the art world to deal with digital works,, a platform born from the collaboration between Artvise and Alessandro Brunello, takes a decisive and historic step forward, associating NFT with real objects, that the buyer will therefore receive and that won't be only be inside the token or in a publicly searchable URL.

Another interesting value guaranteed by is represented by the fact that the buyer, the new artwork owner – who have to indicate the shipping address – have the certificate of authenticity and ownership directly in his wallet. So, even in the unfortunate case of deterioration of the artwork, theoretically the commercial value of the certificate persists, cause the unique information wrote down on the smart-contract makes each NFT unique.

How does it work?

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and buying

To make use of is simple and intuitive: it is in fact sufficient to connect your wallet to the platform to enter the world of collectibles and become the sole owner of all rights relating to a work of art thanks to the issue of a cryptographic certificate of authenticity and ownership, which cannot be falsified as it is guaranteed by the security of the decentralized blockchain technology.

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An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data stored on a shared and immutable digital register – the blockchain – and certifies that the asset is unique and not interchangeable or duplicable, constituting the ideal tool for enhancing those assets that in economics they are defined as non-fungible, or rather those goods whose value is not conventionally measurable and therefore comparable in quantity and quality, such as works of art. InArtNFT use Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology also in order to reduce transaction costs and environmental impact.

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Certification contributes to solve the problem of the ownership and of the location of works of art: in fact, the NFTs of allow you to digitally represent the ownership, the provenance and the authenticity of a non-fungible asset as well as to certify it in a univocal and non-modifiable way, imposing an incredible evolution in the sector and simplifying the sale process through smart contracts.

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to transact on you can use the BNB cryptocurrency through wallets registered on the main exchanges only. An orientation towards the future of transactions in the art sector that opens up to this world, traditionally extraneous if not even backward towards technology; a digital future made of certainties and transparency.